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Northwest NYC transplant with twenty five years photography experience. Including photographing over 70 weddings as a main wedding photographer at the award winning Alex Studio in Seattle, Wash.

As an actor I bring an unique approach - I capture you! Agents and casting have complemented my clients photos because their photo looks like who is walking in the door. I want you to have photographs that give you the confidence to promote yourself and show the casting world who you are professionally. I save my art for other endeavors and use my knowledge of posing, lights, body and actor types to capture brilliantly simple photos of you. For an actor headshot session we go over your type and plan out what the session will look like beforehand. As for non-actor headshot, I'll go through how you would like to be portrayed professionally taking in the consideration of your industry and how your photos will be used.

My experiences as an actor combined with my wedding photography experience has given me an engaged approach to behind the scenes film and dress rehearsal photography. I can navigate where I need to be without getting in the way of production. I capture stunning shots to promote your project or play. I offer a quick turnaround for receiving your photos too, so you can promote your show quickly.